About the Foundation

The Macpherson Smith Rural Foundation Limited (MSRF) is a charity that pursues a vision of a thriving confident rural Victoria driven by inspiring leaders.

The Foundation was established by a grant from the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, a well known independent philanthropic trust established by the late Helen Macpherson Schutt (nee Smith). For more than fifty years the Trust has provided grants to a wide variety of charitable institutions and a diverse range of projects that seek to benefit and improve the lives of the people of Victoria.

Thanks to the generous support of the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, MSRF is ready to pursue its Foundation goals.


Foundation Goals

Our vision

 “A thriving, confident rural Victoria driven by inspiring leaders”

Our mission

 “To play a leading role in promoting and enabling renewal, regeneration and development across rural Victoria”

Our guiding principles

  1. Communities and individuals in rural Victoria have intrinsic value, face significant challenges, and warrant our support.
  2. Education and leadership are essential enablers of renewal, regeneration and development in rural Victoria.
  3. Young people will determine the future of rural Victoria.

Our goal

“To make a positive impact on 1000 lives per year by 2017

Our strategy

What do we do?


Meet one of our young rural leaders