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+ How many scholarships will MSRF offer?

The number of scholarships is decided by the MSRF board each year after reviewing a number of factors, including: the financial position of MSRF and the quality of scholarship applications. At this stage, MSRF expects to provide up to three MSRF scholarships in 2018.

+ How should a school principal decide which three applicants to endorse?

This is entirely at the discretion of each school principal. In general, principals should examine the eligibility and selection criteria above, and endorse applicants whom he/she feels are most likely to be competitive in the selection process. A principal might make this judgment based on his/her existing knowledge of the applicants, or alternatively could ask to see draft applications from more than three applicants before making a decision.

+ Can my principal or other referees see my submitted application through your website?

No. To safeguard the confidentiality of your information this is not possible. You will need to keep a record of your application if you wish to share parts of it with your school principal and/or other referees after submission. We STRONGLY recommend that you work on your application as a separate document that you save on your own computer before “cutting and pasting” your responses into the online application system.

+ Can my school principal still endorse my application after the closing date?

No. All endorsements and references must be submitted before the close of applications. We STRONGLY recommend that you give your school principal adequate time to endorse your application before the closing date.

+ Should I speak to my school principal before I apply for the scholarship?

Yes, we recommend that before starting work on your application you should check that your school principal: (a) is willing to endorse your application, and (b) has not yet endorsed two applications from your school.

+ How can my principal and other referees submit endorsements and references?

When you submit your application online you will be provided with two important pieces of information on the confirmation screen: (1) A unique reference code that refers to your application, and (2) A URL where your school principal and other referees can enter the unique reference code to provide their endorsement and/or references. This information and instructions are also provided to you via email (hint: check spam or junk mail folders).

+ How many references can be submitted?

There is no limit on the number of references that can be submitted. In previous years, many of the stronger applications included 2 to 3 references in addition to the school principal’s endorsement.

+ Can I submit a paper-based reference on letterhead?

No, all references must be submitted through our online system. You can type the words from a paper-based reference into our online system, but you must include the required contact details from the referee so that we can verify the reference during the interview stage.

+ How long should my responses be (to the questions on the online application form)?

All responses should be shorter than 2,000 characters (about 350 words). Please see this as an upper limit (not a recommended length). A clearly expressed response of 200 words will make a stronger impression on the selection panel than a vague, rambling response of 400 words. Generally, question 2 should receive one of your most detailed and comprehensive responses.

+ I am a school principal, and I’d like to know if my students will know whether I have endorsed their applications or not?

Approximately 10 days before the closing date for applications we send an automated message to any applicants who have not yet secured a school principal endorsement. We do this again approximately 4 days before the closing date. We do not provide further information to applicants as to the status of their application (endorsed or not endorsed).

+ If I miss out on a scholarship are there any other MSRF programs available to me?

Yes. MSRF also runs a Mentor Program and a Leadership Development Program. There is no separate application process – participants are invited based on the strength of their scholarship applications.

+ Can I change my application after it has been submitted?

No. Submitted applications are final after they have been endorsed by a school principal. Please check your application carefully before you submit it. We STRONGLY recommend that you work on your application as a separate document that you save on your own computer before “cutting and pasting” your responses into the online application system. If your application has been submitted but has not yet been endorsed by your school principal then you can start an entirely new application, which will generate a new reference code. You will need to provide the new reference code (and URL) to your school principal and other referees.

+ Can I format my application with graphics, colors, fancy fonts, bullet points, etc.?

No. Please just paste plain text into the online application system. Formatting may not transfer correctly and could make your application harder to read.

+ Can I add attachments to my application?

No. Shortlisted applicants will be asked to bring documentary evidence to their interviews. No original documents are required or accepted prior to the interview stage.

+ How do I apply for the scholarship?

To apply, please carefully read ALL of the information about the Foundation Scholarships, then click on the "APPLY" button which will only be visible at the bottom of this page while applications are open (from May 21 to July 28, 2017).

+ Can I defer the scholarship if I defer my place at university?

No, it is not possible to defer an MSRF scholarship.

+ I am currently taking a gap year. Can I still apply for an MSRF scholarship?

No, only current year 12 students are eligible to apply for an MSRF scholarship.

+ My school doesn’t provide an overall grade for year 11 results. It provides a breakdown of an “outcome” grade and exam grades. What should I enter in the MSRF online application form?

Different schools may report year 11 results differently. Some provide an overall letter grade, some provide an overall percentage, and some provide a breakdown with no “overall” mark. The fields in this section of the MSRF online scholarship application are just text fields, so please type in a description of what appears on your year 11 results. The following examples are all valid ways of completing the question, as long as they accurately reflect your written results: "A" “85%” “80/100” “Outcome: A — Mid-year exam: B — End-of-year exam: A — Satisfactory”